Are you traveling through Osoyoos , Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, Logan Lake, Merritt, Lynton, Ashcroft, Whistler etc…. ? The Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast is your Inn, Hotel, Motel, Lodge accommodations and overnight rest stop to revive yourself for the next day of travel. Logan Lake BC is a hidden gem of a highway that takes you the back way to Whistler BC. This back way canyon route to Vancouver & Whistler is very much sought after and popular with European travelers as it is very scenic and is not over busy with traffic and high speeds. The canyon route does not remind the European travelers of the Autobahn that they have to drive so much. The Coquihalla route is a bit similar to the Autobahn especially with the recent increase of the speed limit to 120 KMH. In the Fall time the canyon route is dress with the colours of Fall and the pace is slower than the Coquihalla HWY making for a very relaxing and enjoying way to get to Vancouver & Whistler. Just plug in your GPS or stop by the Logan Lake BC Tourism Center located in the big white mining truck for wonderful maps and directional help.

The Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B has had many visitors which have mentioned that they have arrived in Logan Lake just passing through in order to drive the canyon route to Whistler. Why push and stress yourself on an expensive holiday, it’s better to stay at the Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast to rest overnight in our quiet, comfy & clean nature themed rooms and then proceed on refreshed the next day for the back road canyon route. And you might want to stay in Logan Lake BC for more than one night so you can enjoy the world class trout fishing that is sought after by the European travelers and the like. With 3 close lakes at hand, a golf course, and hundreds of hiking, biking and quading trails you can easily spend many days in Logan Lake before proceeding on through the canyon route. By the way, the Logan Lake BC world class trout fishing is at its finest in the Fall due to the colder temps and colder water making the fishing very active and the Fall time fish have firm and fresh meat due to the colder water. See you soon and we hope that you bring your fishing rod and tackle !

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