Logan Lake Log Cabin has complimentary bikes to check out the town !

Logan Lake Log Cabin has Complimentary bikes to check out the town!

At the Logan Lake Log Cabin we like to add extra value to your stay in Logan Lake. We now provide two mountain bikes that you can take out and see the town. Go downtown and get a few groceries for a snack, go for a ride around Logan Lake or on the nearby trails. Visit the Black Bull or Pick and Shovel Pub for lunch, dinner or a drink instead of taking your car. You can visit the Bird’s Nest Eatery and have a latte and dessert, or sit outside the Country Café or Old Village Cafe for a nice meal or zip through the drive thru at Robin’s donut to collect a picnic for the park. Zip down to town and rent a movie for the night at the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B! You can even pedal down to Left Field Cider Company on the weekends for a cider tasting! Logan Lake evenings are so warm and beautiful and perfect for a sunset trip. Best part is that our complimentary bikes are included in your stay! Come and stay with us and pedal your way to a fun vacation!

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