With the current 2016/2017 Vancouver/ Toronto exodus upon us , the interior areas of BC are welcoming people to a lower cost of living ,rental, and housing alternatives. Not only are small towns in BC welcoming big city families but small towns in BC are also benefiting economically and socially from the Vancouver/Toronto exodus. With Vancouver/Toronto monthly rent being up over $1-2K per month (if you are lucky to find a place to rent) and house mortgages being financially unattainable, not to mention yearly property taxes at approx. $3K-6K it is a great idea to migrate to the BC interior.

With a small, quiet town fresh air feel, community spirit, great schools for kids and many sports/art activities for kids and adults to engage in, it just makes sense to sell your big city home high $ and buy low $ in a small BC town and bank your profits for yourself. Or invest your money in your children’s future college/university education as your house sale profits will compound interest per year in an

investment account thus providing the funds for your children for further educational options later on.

Or perhaps you do not have any children or family, or you do not own a house : small towns BC are great for someone flying solo who wants to be an entrepreneur and make their roots in a small town and develop a great business service or local product/factory. For example : a computer I.T tech person moving to a small BC town to offer a mobile to homes computer repair/tech solution company or someone starting a craft beer micro brewery in a small industrial area. Or how about a licenced daycare for a small town due to the shift working mining parents that need their children attended to due to the parents crazy sleeping patterns. How about a hair/barber shop salon so people do not have to drive to a bigger center to get their hair cut. Another example : Logan Lake is in need of a local plumber. Currently Logan Lakers need to phone Merrit or Kamloops to get a plumber to drive up to Logan Lake which incurs an extra $200-300.00 additional millage driving fee on top of the expensive plumbing repairs. Therefore a plumber from Vancouver or Toronto could relocate in Logan Lake and minus the $300.00 driving fee off their plumbing services thus receiving allot of business as people are not keen on the expensive extra millage fees on their plumbing bills. Also many big corporate businesses are now leaning towards their employees working from home to save on the bottom profit margin line. Therefore many companies just need you to have high speed internet connection, your own computer , skype camera and home office and you can work all day in your comfy home office then unwind your business stress by strolling out your back door to the small town feel of fresh air nature, mtn biking trails , and fishing lakes.

Many small towns in BC are only 2-3 hours away from major centers such as Vancouver & Toronto so if you get the urge for some big city entertainment then the major bc highways such as the Coquihalla will guide you there in short order. If all the above intrigues you : please come to Logan Lake to check out the super low cost real estate and stay with us at the Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast . We would love to have you stay with us as you absorb the vibe of the town and envision what it would be like for you and your family to make roots in small town Logan Lake. We are located 30 minutes away from major box stores and bigger cities and we have top notch infrastructure in Logan Lake due to Highland Valley Copper Mine. We are on local sewer, NOT on septic, and we have low property taxes and weekly recycling and garbage pickup. Plus we have underground hydro lines so that we do not experience very many power outages. We have high speed internet & the community is friendly and laid back and we have 2 local doctors and a medical clinic. So whether you opt for lovely Logan Lake or another beautiful small town in BC , you and your family will be glad you did and the bottom line : your bank account will profusely thank you as well. See you soon and we hope that you will become a small town resident in the near future ! Sincerely, The Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast.

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