With colder spring 2017 temperatures, ice fishing season in Logan Lakes is great in higher elevations.

Ice needs to be at least six inches thick to be safe to walk on and should be approx. 18 inches or more to support the weight of a vehicle.

Fish caught in cold waters are much healthier and firmer, as they are not exposed to the bacteria in the warm waters of summer and all lakes in the Logan Lake region are in higher elevations. Combined with exceedingly cold winter temperatures, Logan Lake makes for an excellent day trip. Only 40 minutes from Kamloops ! Alternatively, make it a wonderful weekend by staying at the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B bed and breakfast which is like a mini hotel, motel, lodge with cozy accommodation. We are only 3 minutes away from fishing year round ! offers information about strategies & techniques for successfully ice fishing the many lakes, rivers & streams surrounding Logan Lake BC area. For more information on entomology, fly tying, fly patterns, fishing reports, fishing tips,etc...

Ice fishing is a great sport, but it is imperative that precautions are taken. Always be aware of the ice thickness as well as the change in winter temperatures. Be very prepared for winter conditions such as a wind chill factor and be aware that because movement is limited, cold is felt much quicker if not dressed properly. Depending on how long is spent out on the ice, it may be of consideration to purchase a shelter and heater.

Below are good places for your fishing gear :

Canadian Tire: 250-374-9747 (South Shore)

Canadian Tire: 250-376-2013 (North Shore)

Kamloops Fly Shop: 250-377-8461

Surplus Herby's: 250-376-2714

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