Traditionally corporate business meetings/conferences or retreats are held at office buildings or hotel conference rooms. Also some movie theaters offer morning and afternoon theater rentals to businesses so that companies can do power point presentations on the big screen to educate/entertain their employees. B&B’s are typically known to accommodate the traveler/vacationer and traveling business executive that needs overnight stays while on a job project. However b&b’s are another interesting option for businesses/groups that need a venue for their gatherings. For example, a yoga club that wants to have a relaxing, quiet retreat may opt for the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B/Inn with its lodge/ mini hotel/motel feel. Being surrounded with nature and vaulted log ceilings will bring out the meditative mood in everyone. Also RC/heli clubs, snow mobile clubs, knitting clubs, church or book reading clubs could pleasantly surprise their members by offering a 1 or 2 night B&B stay to their members.

Are you the club organizer/president but cannot foot the financial bill for your club’s B&B excursion? Not a problem as you could present the group get away with a ticket sale approach so that everyone pays their own way. B&B‘s also present nice breakfast each morning which is a pleasant way to visit and plan upcoming ideas/objectives for your club over coffee and pancakes. If your club/business or church is registered and has a treasurer/accountant etc… remember to save your B&B receipt for a tax deduction or write off. So next time you are planning your group/club function please consider staying at a bed and breakfast to get a relaxing and intimate setting that your members will thoroughly enjoy and find memorable. Hope to see you soon !

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