$60.00 per night stay in old camper van or $75 per night in luxury B&B ?

WOW ! for only $15.00 more per night you can stay at the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B and get a free hearty breakfast. Here is the link that matches up nicely to our other air b&b blog :


I appreciate individuals being entrepreneurs but as our other blog states : non registered b&b's and air b&b's open themselves up to huge accidents/liability law suits , etc....

After I read this camper van CBC article I am very proud and excited to offer our legit and zoned Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B as a steal of a deal as we have free parking, free breakfast, free WIFI, beautiful bathrooms and free outdoor cedar hot tub spa. Sure we are not located in Vancouver, but come and discover the small town country living that Logan Lake has to offer. Come one, come all and enjoy your stay this coming fall !

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