Ah good ol' September is coming around the corner and soon the tree leaves will turn to their Autumn splendor. It is sad to see summer leaving us but it is excitement for the September fishermen staying at the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B. The colder Sept nights are chilling the local trout and making their meat

nice & firm for eating. A Logan Lake trout is very delicious year round, however the cold September lake water makes the fish meat nice and firm with a pleasant chewing texture and taste. As the Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast slogan goes : Come to Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B this September and : Stay for Breakfast and Catch a Fish ! Relax in our evening B&B lounge areas and tie some flies with the owner and take them the next morning to try out your luck. We will look in the belly of a recent local trout, see what bugs the trout has been eating and we will tie fishing flies accordingly with hackle, hooks and thread and have a relaxing time doing it. Catch your trout and then bring them back to the Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast and BBQ them on our panoramic sunset view deck. Sit on the deck with your lovely meal watching the golden Autumn sun set. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Sept and Oct, and well..... then Nov onward ice fishing starts in Logan Lake which is also a great time here at the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B !

Log Cabin B&B !

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