With all the easy to use social media access now available anyone can turn a bed room or house into a accommodation destination. Some Air owners have put in the time, effort and costs $ by going through business license, final occupancy, zoning, permits, fire marshal, food safe, health board, liability insurance, etc... These individuals have their butts covered and are also being respectful of the safety and well being of their guests/ customers. However, many unknowing or perhaps lazy or greedy Air owners will avoid all the above rules/regulations and are therefore putting their guests at disrespectful risk. Air Owners B & BE WARE of the repercussions ! What can and most likely will happen to the one offering the illegal accommodation : they will face city hall fines, neighbor complaints, customer complaints and in the event of a on premise guest accident : law suit from your Air guest due to no liability insurance. Also many air bb owners do not know what b&b stands for. It stands for Bed & BREAKFAST , not just a bed ! Many Air

owners are offering only a overnight bed stay with no breakfast but are presenting themselves online as a b&b. Wow ! what a mess it can become. B & BE SAFE when booking with a true B&B. You will be safe, and ensured a breakfast, and know that you are being held in highest customer service as the b&B owners have put in the time, effort and money to become a professional, legitimate business. To find out if you have booked with a legit, pro b&b, ask the owner all the above criteria . Wait for the Air owner's answers to your questions, and then use your gut radar and proceed to book or not to book. The Logan Lake Log Cabin Bed & Breakfast wishes you all the best with your holiday accommodation bookings,research and traveling adventure !

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