Yes it's true ! I just stopped to realize that we are more like a mini hotel than a traditional bed & breakfast (B&B). I also realized this because 2 guests recently stated the same. With a traditional B&B you are issued keys, limited mostly to your room and you have to side step, dart and waltz Matilda with the B&B owners as there is usually limited space and guest and owners are dwelling in the same areas of the home. This can be awkward, uncomfortable and frustrating. At the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B we issue pass codes for all the keypad entries. The Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B owners/caretakers also have their own living quarters so that the guests have full roam in privacy of the upper and lower levels. We have private bar fridges and microwave ovens in every guest's room quite similar to a hotel room. We also have full outdoor surveillance cameras securing the entire permiter of the property keeping guard of the all guest's vehicles. Of course we are zoned in our area as a B&B but we are rigged out professionally just like a hotel. Not to mention that the Logan Lake Log Cabin B&B owners worked many years in Jasper & Banff at the 5 star hotels as chamber maids so you will get the professional hotel fresh/clean quality room time after time. But what is also nice is our nightly rates $ are low priced like a B&B but you get the high price $ FIVE STAR hotel feel. Also just like a hotel, we have all our legit paper work, bylaw permits, fire marshal, food safe , health board inspections, zoning, liability insurance etc... Therefore one does not have to worry about the hit and miss amateur style that can be encountered at airb&b accommodation. Also many airb&b owners do NOT know , or pretend to not know what b&b means , but that is entirely another blog to come....... will explain later. Keep posted.

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